Susan Sharpe
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Bolton, Lancashire


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About Me

I am happiest
Eating american food on the sofa while being creative.
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Blue cheese, oysters, olives, tofu, anchovies, raw meat, offal
I'd rather eat: Non processed, ethically sourced food
I love a good roast, I am a fussy but very good eater, so having personal choice for my plate is perfect. I love food but avoid peppers and chill,i I would generally try most other things. I've learn to love mild curries and love garlic, enough to kill loads of vampires is my garlic heaven lol x

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Latest Reviews

Amani’s Kitchen | 1 month

Baklava Making Workshop

Thankyou Susan for being a delightful and fun guest for the baklava workshop, you are welcome back any time!

Sarah Corbridge | 2 months

Dinner with the hosts @Kindred Suppers

We loved having Susan join us for dinner and so glad she enjoyed the lamb! A happy guest is always a delight. :)

Sarah Corbridge | 5 months

Build Your Own Burger Evening

Susan was a joy to have and really mixed well with the other guests. We loved her warm personality and conversation. Hope to see you again soon, Susan! xx

Maria | 9 months

Cooking with Fish

It was an absolute privilege to spend some time with Sue in the kitchen, lovely afternoon sharing skills and chatting.

Maria | 10 months

Impromtu Lunch

It was absolutely lovely to be able to spend time with Susan and her mum.