Giuseppe Torelli
Food (4.4/5)
Manners (5/5)
Vibe (4.8/5)
Company (5/5)
Contact (4.4/5)
Contact (5/5)
Value (5/5)


London, Greater London


1 recommendation


About Me

I am happiest
Eating italian food at a kitchen table while listening to music.
Dietary requirements

I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Red meat, oysters, tofu, raw meat, raw fish
I'd rather eat: Non processed

Not hosting any upcoming events

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Not attended any events

Latest Reviews

Seni Glaister | 1 year

Informal launch of WeFiFo!

It was a pleasure to meet Giuseppe. He arrived as a stranger and left as a friend.

Timothy Brockbank Esq | 1 year

Italian Healthy Dinner

Giuseppe was really excellent. Fantastic and authentic food, great company and a great evening overall. Thanks loads!

Zee West | 1 year

Italian Healthy Dinner

Fantastic food, fun little games, lively conversation - an all round great way to start the week with new friends and a full happy stomach.

Andrew Murray-Watson | 1 year

Italian Healthy Dinner

Calm, informed, fun!

Richard Watney | 1 year

Italian Healthy Dinner

Very welcoming and great fun. The evening went very quickly with lots of great conversation and laughter. The food was delicious, healthy and plentiful. With one of the highlights being a game of Italian bingo! Totally hooked on a new way of eating out and meeting new people. Thanks Giuseppe for a lovely evening

Seni Glaister | 1 year

Italian Healthy Dinner

Giuseppe is a very generous host who cares deeply about the food he presents. As well as some new vegetarian dishes he introduced us to an Italian version of Bingo!