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Burnley, Lancashire


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Level 2 Hygeine Certificate
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About Me

I'm in my 30s
I am happiest
Eating mediterranean food at a kitchen table while reading a book.
Dietary requirements

I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Offal, tofu, fatty food, raw meat, oysters
I'd rather eat: Non gm, non processed
Hi all! I'm so thankful you've stopped by... I'm an American who moved to England when I married my British husband! I adore cooking and am usually thinking about the next dish on the menu. I like to think of my cooking as a fusion of cultures... German/Swedish roots from my mom's side, good southern food from my dad's side, a touch of Polish cuisine from my au pairing travels, and of course Mexican favourites from back home. I owe the joy of cooking from my mother, who always let me watch her in the kitchen, and who put me in the role of 'supper-maker' when I was a teen. I also love to travel and experience real destination food. I also had the brilliant opportunity to work with Cafe Abundance (part of the Real Junk Food Project) in Cornwall, UK, making tasty meals out intercepted food that would otherwise have gone to waste! In this role it brought out all the creative juices in our team to make wholesome meals for the community out of unwanted food. It's definitely made me love cooking more! Since then I've continued to cook, bake and read an incredible amount of cookery books, magazines and food blogs! I am now founder of Kindred Suppers - a place to inspire others to cook more and to eat together. I love how food nourishes and brings people together. It's my pleasure to share this food experience with you around my table.

Latest Reviews

Fundamentally Fresh Curry Paste | 1 month

WeFiFoHoHo Christmas Cheers

Sarah is a lovely guest, she fab to talk with and helps to make everyone feel welcome!

Fundamentally Fresh Curry Paste | 4 months

Fundamentally Malaysian Banquet

Lovely company and great to have at the event

Maria | 6 months

Thursday night tea & The Great Perhaps

It was lovely to see Sarah and her husband David again, great company, great fun and a pleasure to cook for.

Maria | 1 year

Children's Picnic Adventure in the woods, dens, crafts and a bushtucker trial.

Sarah and David were a joy to be with and helped out all day at the event. Sarah organised the craft table, David helped out with the den building and organised setting up the assault course and blind fold activity. They both helped with lunch and stayed at the end to tidy up, thank you both so much x

Mark | 1 week

Dinner with the hosts @Kindred Suppers

Thank you Sarah and David for being the perfect hosts. This was my first event and felt very comfortable in your home. Great food , super value and interesting other guests. Looking forward to dining with you again very soon x

Susan Sharpe | 1 week

Dinner with the hosts @Kindred Suppers

Warm and friendly hosts

Stephen | 3 weeks

J&A Lifegroup Christmas Dinner

Great hosting, venue and food. Good communication before and a spacious and cosy setting. The food was good and more than good value. Really enjoyed the evening and looking forward to another!

Ruth Cardwell | 4 weeks

J&A Lifegroup Christmas Dinner

Sarah was very attentive and also explained what ingredients had gone into her dishes. She was excellent in every respect!

Nicola Bamber | 1 month

J&A Lifegroup Christmas Dinner

A fantastic night with great food and great company. Highly recommended