Geeta Aheer
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About Me

I am happiest
Eating thai food at a kitchen table while being creative.
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry
I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Anchovies, tofu, blue cheese, raw meat, raw fish, marzipan
I'd rather eat: Ethically sourced food
I've always had a passion for food, even from the early age of 8. I recall helping my mum in the kitchen preparing meals. By the age of 10 I was preparing meals on my own and haven't looked back since! During the years, through university, first job, marriage and having kids, the one thing that has remained constant has been my love of food and cooking. Its the one thing that helps any situation for the better, whether you're celebrating or feeling a little blue. With over 18 years experience of working for big corporates, I've now decided to help other food lovers to enjoy real authentic Indian food. With curry now being the British favorite dish, my one pet hate is how varied Indian food can be depending on where you eat. This is where Delish steps in - through my cooking classes and supper clubs I will share with you easy to follow recipes, cooking techniques and knowledge of popular ingredients used in Indian food. At Delish you won't get dazzled with over complicated dishes, instead you will walk away armed with a taste of what real Indian food should taste like

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 1 month

Saturday BBQ

It was wonderful to get the opportunity to spend time with Baz, great guest and fabulous company.

Maria | 1 month

Saturday BBQ

It was wonderful to get the opportunity to spend time with Geeta, great guest and fabulous company.

Susan | 2 months

Simply Indian Supper Club-Classic Menu

Really lovely food. Gorgeous flavours and great presentation. Geeta is a lovely hostess, very friendly and made us feel very welcome in her home. Her husband Baz was also very friendly and welcoming and great waiter. All in all, a very enjoyable evening with great food and lovely company - thanks Geeta, Baz and guests!

Penny | 3 months

Indian Cooking Class

Geeta was great to work with, she was very well organised and explained everything very carefully and fully. I thoroughly enjoyed my cooking session. Thank you Geeta

GarethG | 3 months

Indian Supper Club - Street Food Menu

Would going to eat in a strangers house be weird? Not here! Geeta is a fantastic host. Informal and straight to the point: real Indian food served at a comfortable table with clear, brief explanations of the origins of the food and its ingredients. I thought I knew about Indian food, but Geeta's food had complexity, textures and sophistication that took it to a new level for me. Seeing our chapattis shaped and cooked freshly was an entertainment in itself. An easy, tasty and friendly evening.

Charlotte Greenslade | 3 months

Indian Supper Club - Street Food Menu

Amazing. Geeta told us the background and influence of her cooking and took time to interact with us. The food was great. Far better than any similar food that I've had in a restaurant.

Jon Stefani | 3 months

Indian Supper Club - Street Food Menu

Geeta served a wonderful street food feast! Not only was the food exceptional but she told us about her inspiration and influences and talked us through each dish bringing the flavours and spices alive. A wonderful meal in a lovely home. Highlight was an impromptu chapati masterclass!