Iai Hendry
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Godalming, Surrey


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About Me

I'm in my 30s
Dietary requirements
I am: Vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian, always hungry, on a diet
I'm allergic to: Nuts from trees, peanuts, gluten, eggs, pets, shellfish, nothing, wheat, soya, milk, citrus fruit, fish
I'd rather not eat: Marzipan, red meat, offal, pork, oysters, fish, olives, raw fish, raw meat, fatty food, shellfish, anchovies, tofu, blue cheese
I'd rather eat: Non processed, organic, ethically sourced food, non gm, low fat, kosher food, fair trade, halal meat

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 8 months

WeFiFo Quarterly Meeting

It was an absolute pleasure and treat to be able to cook for Iain, great company, great guest and an honour to cook for.

Paul Falvey | 1 year

Paul's BBQ

Iain was great.