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Hi. I'm James, owner of Cabrito Goat Meat. I was a professional chef in London for 12 years. In 2011, I moved home to Devon to take a job at River Cottage and through a series of co-incidences, luck and some entrepreneurial spirit my girlfriend and I started Cabrito Goat Meat. We sell male kids taken from the British dairy industry. These goats were previously a wasted resource, as in an overwhelming number of cases, these animals were euthanised at birth. It was an ethical car crash as goat meat is delicious! We now sell to restaurants and catering butchers nationwide as well as Ocado. We also do the occasional event...

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Latest Reviews

Seni Glaister | 1 week

Goatober Bristol

Thanks to James for a spectacular feast. Everyone had a great time. The atmosphere, the food, the informative chat... can't wait for next Goatober!

Tom Nichols | 1 week

Goatober Bristol

Excellent . Gave a good account of how the meat was sourced , and how Goat could be an undiscovered treat for many .

karen jones | 1 week

Goatober Bristol

Very knowledgeable, very interesting, spoke really well and was very passionate about his subject. Thoroughly enjoyed the ‘experience’..

Geeta Aheer | 1 week

Goatober Bristol

It was great to meet James and hear about the inception of cabrito. Really interesting and engaging and the food was fabulous!

Heidi | 2 months

Hidden Restaurants Goat Feast in the woods!

The weather was awful and they did well to keep us all dry! Food was yummy, but it would have been nice to hear a little more about Cabrito and their work from the host.